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Silicone Rubber Products

The most outstanding characteristic of silicone rubber is the retention of its many properties over a wide temperature range of -100F thru +500F. Extreme applications include outer switch seals, oven door seals, vibration damping, weather, ultra-violet light, ozone and fungus. When exposed to direct flame it yields a low level of smoke and flame and burns to a non-conducting ash in a matter of seconds.

small silicone rubber products
medium silicone rubber products
large silicone rubber products

Silicone Rubber


ZZR765 Class 2A&B (AA59588)
ZZR765 Class 3B (AA59588)

  • Available in sheets .032 thru 1″
  • 36″ X 36″ smooth finish both sides or special order matte finish on one or two sides.
  • Available in 20 thru 80 durometer
  • Extrusions such as o-ring cord, tubing, u-channel, profiles; square, rectangle, triangle etc.
  • Tooling made in-house
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). PSA can be applied to all sheets and most extrusions
  • Gaskets bonded per request
  • Metric sizes available
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Custom milling

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