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identify any possible contamination

Metal detectable silicone

Detect Eroding Particales

Metal Detectable Silicone is used in conjunction with detection equipment to identify any possible contamination. These products are designed to work with Inline X-Ray detection, metal detection, and magnetic separator equipment for immediate contamination alert.

This makes it the perfect solution for detecting eroding particles from deteriorating seals and any other components where an elastomer is used in the process line.

Metal detectable Silicone

Metal detectable & x-ray detectable

outstanding characteristics

Silicone Rubber Products

The most outstanding characteristic of silicone rubber is the retention of its many properties over a wide temperature range of -100F thru +500F.

Extreme applications include outer switch seals, oven door seals, vibration damping, weather, ultra-violet light, ozone and fungus. When exposed to direct flame it yields a low level of smoke and flame and burns to a non-conducting ash in a matter of seconds.

Silicone Rubber:

Customizable To Meet Just About Any Need

We Provide Custom Silicone Products

 Do you need fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber with a matte finish? For any Silicone product question you may have, our team has an answer. Contact our expert staff today, we can help!

unique properties & applications

Silicone Sponge Products


The unique properties and applications of closed cell silicone sponge (cells are completely closed virtually restricting air, water or gas from passing through) are numerous. It is the most popular high temperature gasketing material. It is primarily used for thermal shielding, vibration mounts and any other application requiring resistance to weather, ultra-violet light, ozone or fungus.

It has a high tensile and tear resistance making it more durable compared to silicone foam. Temperature extremes are -100F thru +500F. Silicone sponge maintains its flexibility and provides excellent recovery from compression. It is available in four grades; soft (5-9 psi), medium (6-14 psi), firm (12-20 psi) and x-firm (18-24 psi).

Silicone Sponge: